New Genesis GV70 for Sale in Torrance CA

The New Genesis GV70: More Luxury Than You Imagined

It's a luxury compact SUV that delivers an unexpectedly large helping of luxury for the price at Genesis of South Bay in Torrance, CA. Any engine choice you pick will raise the bar when it comes to your driving expectations. The outside is compact enough to be more easily maneuverable while the inside wraps you in upscale comfort. If you don't mind getting quite a bit more than you were expecting, the GV70 is worth a much closer look.


The Genesis GV70 starts off the fireworks with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged four that produces an energetic 300 horsepower. For even more of a boost when you're passing slower traffic out on roadways around Carson or Hawthorne, CA, you can select the 3.5-liter V6 engine that cranks out 375 horsepower, available only on the Sport trim. All-wheel drive is actually standard and fuel economy can get as high as 28 mpg/highway.

While you can't customize the roads you travel on, you can customize the GV70's response to them. Select the driving mode that best matches the surface you're traveling over and the kind of experience you prefer. The Eco mode increases driving efficiency and fuel economy. The Comfort mode smooths out your driving and emphasizes comfort. Sport and Sport + inject extra fun and energy into your drive.

Design & Interior

The feel of luxury isn't just something that gets sprinkled a little around the GV70's interior. It's evident in one detail after another. A good example is the skillfully knurled glass shifting knob that elevates even a trip to the hardware store. Genesis chose to enlarge the amount of legroom provided to rear-seat passengers while also expanding the amount of room for cargo. These are touches you'll enjoy on road trips from Inglewood, CA.

The inside of the GV70 projects its own, bold sense of design, utilizing a two-color scheme that puts a darker shade across the top and a lighter, more colorful shade across the bottom. An ultra-wide display screen is mounted atop the dashboard, continuously updating you on vital driving data. If you choose the Sport Prestige package you'll bask in the comfort of genuine Nappa leather.

Technology & Infotainment

Even in the presentation of advanced technology, the new Genesis GV70 offers these features in an upscale manner. A discreet, understated panel covers an interior compartment where you'll find USB ports inside. Heating and cooling can be adjusted easily with a diminutive touchscreen in the center of the dashboard. A leading-edge fingerprint reader allows you to start the Genesis GV70 and even pay for a fuel fillup.

The larger-than-usual infotainment display mounted to the dashboard can be operated with an intuitive click-wheel controller that your hand will naturally land on, right in the middle of the console. Smartphone compatibility for both Apple and Android gives you safe, hands-free control over a wide range of your favorite apps, simply by using your voice. You can place calls, take calls or select music and volume levels, all with a voice command.


An advanced speed control system employs front-facing cameras to calculate the distance between you and the car in front of you. If the distance becomes too diminished, the speed control system adjusts your speed enough to help you keep your distance from the other vehicle. See it all in person with a test drive of the new GV70 SUV at Genesis of South Bay in Torrance, CA.

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